Jeffrey Shaffer – Excavation DirectorProject Supervisor & Heavy Equipment Operator

    Like father, like son, Jeff continues his family legacy of early connection to custom construction trades. By age 5, he was fascinated by job site equipment, noticing exactly what kind of tracks each machine left in the dirt. He re-created his observations with his toy tractors, excavators and backhoes in ground cornmeal spread out on a baking sheet.

    After graduation from college, he joined the family construction business and created the excavation division of Shaffer, Inc. Today, Jeff heads up our excavation department which he successfully grew and continues to develop to serve Southwest Washington builder’s and homeowner’s excavation needs.

    For spare time activities, Jeff pursues hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking and theater. He always looks forward to joining Bill and the rest of the Shaffer family building houses in Mexico each summer.