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   We are here to connect with you and help realize your dreams of life in a beautiful home. From the conceptualization and loan approval, all the way through construction, we work with you through every phase, bringing your vision to reality.

   Over the years, our family’s active involvement in the local community allowed us to be part of stories that range from triumph to tragedy. We have developed valuable relationships with sub contractors and other businesses which have taught us many lessons. Chief among those lessons is the truth that in order to be a socially responsible business, we must be there for others by providing jobs, a helping hand and a listening ear.

   Our featured partners on this page are trusted because of our excellent experiences in the work we have done together. Shaffer, Inc is proud to recommend them to you and we look forward to the good work that will come out of our partnership.


   – Bill Shaffer

Tara Keenan, Gateway Mortgage

Please note that we are happy to work with any lending company that you prefer to work with.

Here at Shaffer, Inc. we have had the privilege of working with many of Clark County’s excellent mortgage groups and thank them for their excellent partnership with us in the past.

Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC is a trusted partner of ours because of their dedication and care in making the process of finding the right loan for you easy and simple. A program that we believe will especially benefit our customers is the one-time close loan program.

Contact Tara Keenan or select “Apply Now” below.

Gateway Mortgage Group – Logo – Vancouver, Washington
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Ultrablock, Inc: Concrete Retaining Walls

Ultrablock, Inc. has made use of concrete to create a variety of strong and lasting concrete walls. A sustainable and sturdy choice for a variety of projects, Ultrablock’s concrete blocks can form retaining walls, gravity walls, reinforced walls, material bins and more.

Created by Ultrablock, planned by you and installed by Shaffer, Inc. Excavation.

Contact us for project & installation questions or explore Ultrablock and their affilitate StoneTerra for more information.

Ultrablock Contact

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