Houses That Feel Like Home

Our homes are built to showcase the unique design of each house. We use information from previous clients and houses to recommend features that make sense with your lifestyle.

Shaffer Inc. Custom Homes Contemporary Timber Virtual Tour & Photo Gallery

Custom Homes / Contemporary Timber

Shaffer Inc. Custom Homes Modern Country Virtual Tour & Photo Gallery

Custom Homes / Modern Country

Our Process


Shaffer Inc. – Our Process – Step 1: Dreaming


This is your chance to dream. We listen to your vision and give you guidance on the possibilities, how your plan will best fit your lot, and help you see potential issues before construction begins.

Shaffer Inc. – Our Process – Step 2: Planning


You may already have plans drawn up or you need an architect to draft your blueprints. As the plans for your home are finalized, see your dreams in 3D and even flythrough the space to further bring your ideas to life.

Shaffer Inc. – Our Process – Step 3: Budgeting


A budget is the essential step that transforms every dream into reality. We will work with you to set your budget and expectations with time, money, and materials. As questions arise during the building process, the agreed upon budget helps us to make positive decisions for your future.

Shaffer Inc. – Our Process – Step 4: Building


Our trusted team of skilled subcontractors provide consistency and quality throughout the building process. We lead them as they construct your dreams from laying the foundation and framing to drywalling and the finishing details.

Shaffer Inc. – Our Process – Step 5: Lasting Memories

Lasting Memories

As your home is finished, it’s time to move in and start creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Thinking of building a new home?

Building a custom home is a once in a lifetime experience. Contact us today, we would love to hear your ideas for your new home. We’ll guide you through the home building process and help you make the best decisions for your future.