The Cost of Custom Home Building Series – Part 1 – Cabinets

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Welcome to The Cost of Custom Home Building series! Our first feature topic is how to design and choose each part of  your cabinets. 


At Shaffer, Inc. we place a high value on practical, continual education in every area of life. We’re experienced and passionate about construction, excavation, remodeling and cabinets. So our blog’s mission is to offer growth through learning.
We’re excited share the years of experience and knowledge that years of hard work has brought. We hope that you’ll learn how to make the best choices for your project. Questions, comments and suggestions for future topics are always welcome.
It is an exciting time to build in Southwest Washington. Our location is fantastic for outdoor activities and a hot job market. You can create a home that is more unique to you than ever with the power of the Internet at your fingertips. Also, the rise in remodel TV shows are splendid for ideas (But bear in mind that the process shown can be very different from the actual experience).
This series, The Cost of Custom Home Building, begins with a key home feature: cabinets. Our expert source, MC&T Construction LLC, is Southwest Washington’s Merillat cabinet dealer. Merillat cabinetry offers a variety of styles, woods, hardware and stains for cabinets.
The most common questions we get from prospective clients are, “How much does a house cost?” and “What is the cost per square foot?”
Our CEO, Bill Shaffer, compares this to walking into a tire shop and asking the price of a tire. Instead of grabbing a random tire, your car use, price range, size of car are all taken into account. So your needs and plans for a home determine your final cost per square foot.
For kitchen and bathroom, cabinets are key to both design and work layout of both rooms.
  1. Kitchen – Plan out a proper work triangle for greatest efficiency. The triangle sets a workflow between the kitchen, dishwasher and oven. Check out this info-graphic on choosing a kitchen layout style to get yours planned.
  2. Custom features – Determine the features for the type of space you’ll be furnishing. When you choose a cabinet dealer, look for one who offers a wide variety of choices in styles and finishes. Preserve your cabinet’s style and durability with a strong finish. It will keep your cabinets beautiful and durable throughout the years.
  3. Style choices – Choose a door shape for your cabinets to define your design. Then the wood color, density and grain type will bring the kitchen to life.
  4. Finish type – The finishes offered should protect the wood and give an elegant look to the cabinets. Complement the wood’s grain and underlying color with a stain that highlights the natural features.
  5. Finally – Little touches can make your cabinets even more custom, such as glass inserts. Then, explore more custom hardware options in the hardware visualization tool.

Merillat Cabinetry with MC&T Construction LLC


We love 4 week delivery, exclusive finishes and special pricing. Merillat cabinetry offers our customers all these features and more, right now. Visit MC&T Construction LLC to learn more. Or check out Merillat’s free Plan Your Space to plan your layout.
Need inspiration? Check out Merillat’s idea page and our Dream {Kitchens} board on Pinterest.
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