Welcome to The Cost of Custom Home Building series!

At Shaffer, Inc. we value practical, hands on education for every area of life. Since our area of expertise is in construction, excavation, remodeling and much more related to construction, our mission is to offer growth through learning.

While our primary work is the very physical labor of construction, it is also our privilege to have years of experience and knowledge at our fingertips. You’ll learn how to make the best choices for your project, whether it’s in excavation, construction, outdoor living or a remodel.

The first series, The Cost of Custom Home Building, starts out today with a key feature of your home: cabinets. Many of our educational photos are courtesy of our partnership with MC&T Construction LLC as a Southwest Washington Merillat cabinet dealer. Merillat cabinetry offers a comprehensive look at styles, woods, hardware and stains for cabinets.

It is an exciting time to build in Southwest Washington. With a rich variety of natural resources to use that reflect the Pacific Northwestern climate. The Internet provides a wealth of learning at your fingertips and choices are more varied and beautiful than ever before.

The first, most common question that we get from prospective clients is, “how much does a house cost?” and “what is the cost per square foot?”.

As our CEO, Bill Shaffer likes to respond, “How much is a tire? What make of car do you have? Are these all-weather tires? Do you need something to get you through the next month or last for the next season? Do you need a customized style?”

For kitchen and bathroom, cabinets are key to both design and visual layout of both rooms. For the kitchen, first plan out a proper work triangle. The work triangle sets up the kitchen, dishwasher and main appliances into a flow to reduce moment and erratic twists and turns. Check out this infographic on choosing a kitchen layout style to get yours planned out. Next, determine the features of the kitchen that the type of space that you’ll be furnishing.

Next up are the style choices. First, choose the door shape. Then, this wood type and durability primer will help you narrow down the right wood. Finally, a high durability finish ensures that your cabinets stay beautiful for a long time and protects the wood from wearing away from the tears of everyday life. You can view the finish types here. A good finish should preserve color with a durable finish will keep your cabinet’s lasting style. At Shaffer, Inc. we have chosen to go with Merillat cabinetry in part for their exceptional finish quality.

(Check out our partner Merillat Cabinetry’s free Plan Your Space to get your layout pinned down.)

Need inspiration? Check out Merillat’s idea page and our Dream {Kitchens} board on Pinterest.